When you meet a potential client you’re focused on the first impression. You know this interaction can make or break a deal. But have you thought about the impression before the first impression? We’re talking about your website.

A website is now your first impression 

Odds are your prospects will visit your website before the big meeting. And they may have already made some decisions about you and your company before you even shake hands. In today’s market, someone can look up your company in a few seconds on their phone. The design of your website and the information it provides is as important as that first handshake. 

Design matters 

In a recent post, The Daily Egg discussed the bounce rate of websites. According to The Daily Egg, users spend an average of 15 seconds on your site before they decide whether to move on. 15 seconds. Website design plays an important role in attracting and keeping people on your page. If your site looks and feels outdated or lacks visual appeal, people are likely to move on in their search. In crowded industries, this means a customer is likely looking at your competitor’s site.

Invest in your customer’s security

Security is paramount on the web today. If you’re running an online store or asking for customer information, people need assurance they are being protected. It is now common to see many data breaches each year that impact millions. Think about the message you send customers if your site is built on old HTTP code instead of the more modern and secure HTTPS. Customers are aware of these backend features on your site because they are concerned about their information. 

Speed kills

Humans have never been very patient but if something doesn’t fulfill customer expectations, they will quickly move on. Imagine trying out a new car and you hear some unusual noises. You will park it as quick as you can and look for something better. The same goes for your business website. If it runs slowly, or the page only half loads, expect your bounce rate to increase. Visitors to your site are rarely going to wait more than a few seconds for the results. If your site performs slowly or customers detect problems, they will expect the same from the other parts of your business and not hang around long. 

Optimize for mobile

Statista reported that thus far in 2019 52.2% of all web traffic was on a mobile phone. That’s up nearly 40% since 2012 when web traffic on mobile devices was at 10.7%. If someone is viewing your website they’re likely doing so on a phone or tablet (better than 50% chance to be exact). When you’re building or redesigning a website, it’s a must to keep in mind how it will appear on mobile. This optimization is critical to capturing an audience that is relying more on smartphones than ever before. 

Customers are going to search for you on the web; whether it’s a client you know or one you’ve never met. Investing in a quality website that delivers the right information to consumers is one of the most important decisions you can make for your company right now.