“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”  

Believe it or not, that famous Dr. Seuss quote has a lot of applications for your small business. 

There’s no other business like yours. Sure, you may have competitors. But your brand is unique and so are your employees. 

Your uniqueness and your business’s brand can be leveraged in marketing your services through great storytelling. And telling your story will help prospects and customers feel a connection with your company. 

Tell the Story of Your Company

When I work with clients, I really want to understand their story and there’s a reason for that. 

 The purpose of why someone has a business and why they do the work can deeply resonate with customers. It’s a powerful differentiator to help you stand out from your competition. 

But how do you tell those stories? One place is the “about us” page on your website. 

Go and visit other “about us” pages on brands you use. You’ll probably see some striking differences. 

Some brands choose to tell what year they were founded or how many employees they have, along with a mission statement. There’s nothing wrong with including those things. 

And on others, you may find yourself reading the entire section because the brand’s story is so interesting. It resonates with you as a customer. 

That’s the big difference between companies that understand the power of storytelling. 

Of course, price and quality will always be two of the biggest drivers of why people buy from particular companies. But brands that can tell their story well and in a way that connects with customers can develop an intensely loyal client base. 

This storytelling mindset isn’t limited to your “about us” page. 

You can use it in the blogs you write for your site and the social media content you create. Sharing your story through those channels can help reach a wider audience and build an audience that connects with your brand beyond the product or service they purchase. 

A Partner to Tell Your Story 

Telling your story isn’t easy. That’s why working with a partner to help you find the right voice and share who you are can be valuable. I work with clients to create a strategic brand. One that prospective customers will feel connected to. Let’s have a conversation about how to tell your story.