Fact: Most people start with an online search if they’re looking for a professional to help them solve a problem. That problem could be a stove that’s on the fritz, a head of hair that needs taming or a legal matter that needs to be handled.

Here are three things you can do to reach more clients and grow your law firm.

1) Be “Findable”

Real estate tycoon, Harold Samuel, coined the phrase “Location, Location, Location.” What that means is the value of a property is greatly impacted by the location in which it sits. 

The same can be said for search. 

If most people are flocking to search engines to find help from a lawyer, then it would stand to reason that where you show up in search results matters. It does. About 75% of customers that perform a search, never look past page one. And if you’ve recently looked at page one of search results, you’ll notice it’s littered with all sorts of lawyer directories and very few law firms make it to page one. 

The only way to achieve a page one result is to earn it or rent it. To earn it, you must perform systematic changes to your website and build links with external sites, this work is often referred to as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. To rent it means to run daily Paid Search Ads via platforms such as Google Ads. Why Google, well they account for over 90% of all search online so if you’re not on page one and you’re not on Google, you’re not going to be very “findable”.

2) Share Your Experience and Expertise  

Unfortunately, being findable isn’t enough. You should also consider owning some of that attention by creating your own content by blogging and sharing it on social media. Let’s face it, you are a lawyer and you spend a lot of time learning the law and practicing it. Why not share some of that expertise with others. We’re not recommending sharing legal advice (yikes!). But if you’re a personal injury lawyer, for example, try sharing the five things you should do if you get in an accident. Share some simple tips or steps one should take might be transformational for someone and one day, it could even lead to a new client. You might be surprised how many past clients will like and share your posts. 

They may even share the most wonderful things about you and how you helped them out. And those kinds of remarks are priceless.  

3) Share Your Why

Having a great website could be an article all by itself. It is actually and if you’re interested you can read my post First impressions mean everything – is your website dressed for success?.  But I just want you to focus on one part of your website today and that is the content. 

It is important to share what you do on your website. In fact, it is necessary…but have you ever thought about sharing why you do it. The great American author and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, said: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” 

Another way to say this is share: why are you special, why are you different from all the others, why can they count on you and why they should choose you over the other local law firms that perform the same “what” as you do.

Marketing your firm online may seem overwhelming. We find that most law firms don’t have the experience, internal resources or time to do these things they need to do to keep up with their competition. That’s our why! We are True Catalyst Agency. Our passion is marketing and our focus is helping businesses realize real change when it comes to growth. We are a team focused on results, honesty, and progress. If you’re looking for a marketing agency with experience and a commitment to your business, give us a try.